We are Public Health Pioneers

The NYU School of Global Public Health is attracting ambitious public health practitioners and scholars from around the world. 

True to the city it calls home, NYU GPH is reinventing the public health paradigm by pursing its own path and disrupting the traditional. This pioneering approach isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested in breaking the mold in an effort to save lives, NYU GPH might just be right for you.  

Master of Public Health

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“Public health is rooted in social justice and is strongest when activists and local communities are involved. It can empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This is why we must take public health where people live, work, learn, and play."

Mirtala Sanchez, MPH 2017

"Going to London to take a class was incredible - of course it was fun, but for me it was the chance to absorb so much knowledge. It was a very nontraditional classroom experience, and eye-opening in the fact that we got to go around into clinics and work with people who are HIV-positive. It really allowed us to see public health in practice and see how important it is and how difficult it could be.”

Paul Brown, MPH 2017

One Global Center

Advance your public health career in New York City, a city rich with opportunities unmatched anywhere else in the world. Our laboratories, centers and initiatives and our broad network of health organizations within the city introduce work and educational opportunities only found in New York City.

11 NYU Schools & Colleges

From medicine and engineering to social work and business, you can enhance your public health curriculum from the best NYU has to offer. We are devoted to a nontraditional, interdisciplinary model which equips every student with unique skills that will strengthen the public health workforce. Accessible, world-class faculty from across many disciplines will advise and mentor you along your journey to becoming a public health professional.

A Wealth of Diversity

With over 30 different languages spoken among last year’s incoming class, NYU students bring their rich backgrounds to the classroom. You will work alongside classmates with backgrounds in music, science, writing, finance, medicine, community organizing and other fields. NYU’s wealth of diversity brings multiple perspectives to public health discussions, reflecting what it’s like to solve public health problems in the real world.


NYU's strength in public health draws from the robust collaboration taking place across its renowned schools and colleges, fostering a truly interdisciplinary approach to addressing our most pressing global health challenges.

Master of Public Health

The NYU MPH offers committed students like you a world-class education, with domestic and global perspectives that emphasize health equity, ethics and social justice.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Online MPH

In support of the health-related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this unique online program emphasizes a multidisciplinary, systems approach to solving complex challenges in disease control and prevention.


Balance the theoretical with the practical; the innovation with the application. You’ll work side-by-side with and under the guidance of esteemed faculty from NYU’s global and interdisciplinary network on vanguard research and solutions to universal public health issues.

Master of Science in Biostatistics  

This program prepares you to work as a statisticians in a variety of professional environments including government, academic, healthcare, and industry.

Master of Science in Epidemiology  

This program prepares students to design and conduct epidemiologic studies as well as analyze, interpret, model, and report on data from public health, health care, biomedical, clinical and population-based studies.

Public Health Certificates  

Across disciplines, your academic and professional experience can be strengthened by a public health credential. GPH offers multiple certificate programs for people in varying career stages and with different areas of interest.

Master of Arts in Bioethics 

One of the first programs in the world to promote a broad conception of bioethics encompassing both medical and environmental ethics.

“The Doctoral program at NYU allows me the latitude to explore germane academic interests and to work on some practice-based, actual economic program development. It was an incredible opportunity for me to build my skills and apply my knowledge. It was great for me to see how public health ventures get thought up and rolled out, especially into a landscape of which they are a relatively new feature.”

Nana Quakyi, PhD Student in Public Health

“The SeedProgram has enhanced my interest in public health research. Through my experience in the lab, I have been better equipped to identify the influence food marketing has on health, and learned how to recognize the implications it has on public health and propose suggestions for improved food policies.”

Alysa Miller, MPH 2016